Company Values

In an environment where each individual works interdependently towards common goals, we believe in:


We respect our fellow employees, customers, suppliers and the consumers who purchase our products. At every level in the organization, contribution is valued, individuality respected and differing views considered. Communication begins with listening.


We are honest and forthright in our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers. We conduct business within an ethical framework, always endeavoring to do what is right.


Quality is the cornerstone of our business and the hallmark of our products, packaging, merchandising and customer service. Quality is reflected in the caliber of our employees and the performance of our organization.


Innovation begins with an attitude that encourages creative thinking and embraces change. Throughout the organization, our employees are encouraged to identify and assess opportunities and risks, and to take new approaches.

Spirited Teamwork

MIBRO supports a culture that recognizes the importance of spirited teamwork in achieving goals and successes. A collaborative work environment fosters fresh thinking and shared knowledge. All wins are a team effort.