Retail Merchandising Solutions

Merchandising is an important factor for success at any retailer. Making effective and efficient use of valuable retail space is critical. At MIBRO our in-house graphic and industrial design capabilities allow us to design a comprehensive custom merchandising system that works best for an individual retailer’s unique needs. Components to this merchandising system may include:

Graphic Design
  • Development of brand names and logos
  • Development of brand standards
  • Execution of new or existing brand standards across a range of packaging formats
  • Point of Purchase signage
Industrial Design
  • Packaging styles and formats
  • Space efficient racking systems

The goal of any merchandising system should be to allow a consumer to make an informed purchase decision quickly. By custom designing all the necessary elements to fit your unique needs the shopping experience in your store will be consistently positive so your brand will continue to be reinforced in the minds of consumers resulting in repeat sales.