Specialty Drilling

Hinge Master® Boring Drill Bits

  • Ideal for cutting holes for concealed hinges
  • Available in special tool steel and carbide-tipped
  • Use with drill presses, drill stands and in drill guides
  • Available with titanium coating
  • Size available is 35 mm

Multi Spur Wood Boring Drill Bits

  • Black oxide coated for corrosion resistance
  • Sizes available include 1-1/2” through 2-9/16” diameters

Tapered Plug Cutters

  • Cover exposed screw heads with a matching wood plug after countersinking bolts and screws
  • Cuts a clean tapered plug that fits snugly in a hole
  • Titanium-coated for extra durability
  • Sizes available include 1/4” through 5/8”


  • For setting screw and bolt heads below the surface
  • For use on soft metals, wood and plastic
  • Available with and without a titanium nitride coating
  • Hardened edges for longer service life
  • Size available include 1/4” through 3/4”

Circle Hole Cutter

  • For cutting large diameter holes in wood and plastic
  • Designed for use with a drill press
  • Reversible blade cuts inside and outside circle
  • Pilot drill replacement
  • Carbide cutter replacement


Depth Stops

  • For drilling holes to a precise depth
  • Slip over the drill bit and use the set screw to secure the depth stop into position
  • Indispensable accessory for doweling work
  • Sizes available include 1/8” through 1/2”

Screw Pilots

  • For drilling countersunk pilot holes to drive screws
  • Select screw pilot that matches screw size, adjust drill depth using set screw for the desired hole depth, drill the hole until the countersinking is complete, drive screw
  • If desired, cut a tapered wood plug using a plug cutter to cover the screw head
  • Tapered drill for superior screw holding
  • Sizes available include #6, #8, #10 and #12

Titanium Saw Drills

  • For cutting in light metals, drywall, thin wood and paneling
  • Often used to cut drywall to install boxes for electrical plugs
  • Titanium nitride coated for extended service life
  • 1/4″ shank fits all drills
  • Available in 1/4” diameter